Sustainability and ESG Reporting

最近, the Board of Governors for the Investment Company Institute (ICI) called for enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosure by public companies. 另外, the rising demand for companies of all types to provide their stakeholders (and soon their suppliers and third-party vendors) with clear and transparent documentation of their Sustainability efforts and risks has companies learning about and turning to ESG Reporting. 最终, a company will need to provide an account of their responses to ESG requirements (consistent with their industry) along with any financial stability information they need to share in order to conduct business.

Stakeholders (direct and indirect) want to know how companies are managing risks and opportunities related to the company’s environmental impact, social values and corporate governance. Sustainability and ESG Reporting can provide companies with a way to report how opportunities and risks are managed and demonstrate the company’s commitment to their workforce, society and the environment. Establishing an ESG strategy and implementing ESG Reporting can provide value for stakeholders and build confidence in the company leadership’s ability to prioritize ESG commitments.

Implementing Sustainability and ESG Reporting into your business strategy and risk management practices can help satisfy investor concerns and provide stakeholders with greater insight into your company’s enterprise value.

我们的安全, Risk and Controls team understands the requirements of Sustainability and ESG Reporting—including the many different standard setters that are currently operating and those to come through mergers or innovation, including the Sustainability and Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We can guide you through the reporting process, help you establish an ESG risk management strategy or program and steer you down the path to appropriate compliance.

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